Taz 6 printable parts

I have a lulzbot taz 6 that I received and the printhead has broken away from the carriage. Is there somewhere that you can go and find the parts and print them? Stock single print head.

It is the extruder mount that is broken.

Im actually finding most my own answers. I found it on the downloads page. Only question left is what should I print it out of? Other question is if I print this how do I get the inserts in for the screws to attach to?

Print in ABS. As for the inserts, use a soldering iron set to about 250 C – clean the tip thoroughly (or use a new one), insert the tip into the hole in the threaded insert and wait a few seconds for the insert to reach temperature, and then you should be able to gently push the insert into the hole. Sand off the surface, since there will usually be a bulge of plastic around the hole, where it was displaced as the insert was pushed into place.

Ok. I also found that reference on the site right after you sent this. I printed at 80% fill which is probably too much but it will be solid. :slight_smile: