Taz 6 print head screw mount replacement?


As mentioned previously, I acquired this used Taz 6 with several issues.
Many resolved!
But one big one.

Previous student users inserted the mounting screw from behind instead of the front. They also over torqued the heck out of it. I have tried using various means of heating to get the brass insert heated up to reattach to the X carriage. The minute I try to loosen that screw out, we’re back to the brass insert spinning in place.

One option is to upgrade the x carriage to something newer, like the linear rail from IT-Works.

But I am curious if anyone else has encountered this issue and ideas how to resolve?

The screw portion that sticks out the front is barely 1mm, so securing the print heads in place is a real struggle with so few threads showing.


Any chance you could provide a picture?

Pull that one out and use a larger M4 insert and screw.

Well there isn’t much to show, just that instead of the screw going in the front, they put it in the back…over torqued it so anytime you try to unscrew it, the brass insert spins

Thanks for the pictures. I just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same thing. The tool head’s position is primarily determined by the wedge at the bottom. The screw at the top just keeps the tool head flat against the x carriage.

Can you use a longer M3 screw and a nut on the back?

You could try to epoxy the brass insert into position. Maybe insert a M3 hex nut instead.

The X carriage might be thick enough to drill and insert a small set screw or two.

How many tool heads do you have? Replacing the M3 brass insert with an M4 brass insert (and an M4 screw) may require enlarging the slot in the tool heads.

Another option is to print a new part and insert 15 new inserts (see here and here).

I think you are missing the point of my initial post

The screw can not be removed. It was over-torqued into the brass insert. Efforts to heat up the insert and try to remove the screw have failed.

Re-printing and new inserts is an option. Or ordering a replacement carriage.

I wasn’t sure if others had been in a similar situation and how they resolved it

What efforts are you taking to remove the insert? Generally you just use a soldering pen and push on the insert. Trying to use an open flame or other way is probably going to end in failure. Just heat up and push the insert from the back, it’ll come out. That’ll give you plenty of insert to grab with some pliers to remove the bolt. Then drop an M4 insert on the tip of the soldering pen and push that into the hole the M3 insert was in.

If you can print. Then I suggest the print a replacement route it’s very easy but you’ll need 5 heat set inserts.

What size inserts are those?

Preferred material? ABS?

ABS for sure, here are the inserts. M3

What infill settings, perimeters/tops/bottoms suggested to print this?

IMO, this is a critical part on the X axis so I’d do 100% infill and more than normal for the others. If you are printing with ABS, some sort of enclosure would be advised. Something as simple as a cardboard box. If you do some searching for simple 3D printer enclosures you should find something.

I have (an early) one from Printed Solid for my TAZ 6. I leave the back half on the printer all the time and only put the front half on when needed. I also moved the spool holder to the top of the printer.

Yes my Ultimaker 2+ has a door and top enclosure (from PrintedSolid). Just want to make sure!
Just need to order some black ABS

I’m tempted to do the one someone offered elsewhere with the BL Touch

If you have one with a BL Touch mount, I’d think I’d go for it! You don’t have to add the BL Touch right away. Link the one you found, please.

I’m trying to find that now, I can’t recall if I saw it in Reddit or YouTube

alright just want to make sure you are able to remove the tool head by removing the front nut. then you should be able to press out the insert with screw in it, i have been able to use gorilla glue to inserts and then mount then without little failure.

I ordered a replacement X carriage from Zack @ IT-Works 3D today

I’ll unscrew the faulty one, screw on the new one and life should be better!!