Breckenridge firmware / L6470

Totally off the wall question…
While doing a general search for something in Google, I found the devel.lulzbot FTP site and a number of firmwares that might have what I need. I am using the Marlin firmware for a printer project but wanted to use the L6470 stepper drivers instead of the common A4982 or DRV8825 chips. It just so happens that Google found references to the L6470 in a Marlin firmware contained in that FTP site.

Can anyone tell me if whoever wrote that firmware branch named “Breckenridge” has tested or used the L6470 code? is it functional? or, can anyone point me to anyone familiar with that custom code?


Have a link to the firmware version in question?

A number of firmware branches have the L6470 code included such as: