Broke the glass panel on TAZ5

Hey guys,

Someone from my team printed a large object and took it off the bed before cooling, breaking the glass.

We have a replacement glass plate here, but upon inspection it looks like the heat pad is glued to the now broken glass.

Is there a good way to separate the pad from the glass in order to swap in the new plate ?

You can carefully use a razor scraper to remove the heater pad from the glass, being careful to not kink or curl it too much and break the wires inside it.
You can adhere the heater to the new glass with high temp silicone.

We will give it a go, thank you. If we use a heat gun, would it help the silicon adhesive loosen up ?

I don’t know, we hadn’t thought of that yet!
I might have one of the folks in the shop try that on one of our to-be-recycled heaters. I’ll post what we find.