Replacing TAZ4 glass bed

The glass bed of my TAZ4 recently splintered very dramatically while removing a print. Is there a trick to removing the silicone heat pad? It is secured to the glass pretty well, and worried about having to replace the pad too.

I asked about this when I first got my TAZ (I have not cracked the glass yet) and was told the official answer is to replace it all. But, if you want to try, get some orange oil (sold as De-Solv-It, Goo gone and others) and try to get it to the adhesive, the orange oil is absolutely fantastic and dissolving glue and won’t hurt the silicone. It may take some time as it has to touch the glue to work so you might have to spray is on exposed areas, wait, peel it back, spray some more and so on.

But then you need to get a proper adhesive sheet to glue it onto new glass. Like this