TAZ 4 Heated bed question

While I don’t need this info yet I am curious how one goes about removing the silicone heater from the glass, say the glass were to break or need replacing?

The reason I thought of this is that I finally committed today to a PEI bed material. I have been using it clamped the the glass for some time now and it works very well with the exception that it does not lay flat everywhere so I finally used an adhesive double sided sheet that others had mentioned using and now it’s on my glass permanently.

At some point I imagine I may need to replace it and possibly the glass and I noticed that the silicone is stuck pretty good to the glass.

So, is there an official Lulzbot method for removing and replacing the glass?
If not, has anyone tried it on their own?

Official method is “buy another $75 heat bed” Unofficial method is "start at one corner, and peal off slowly and hope for good results.