Budaschnozzle 2.0 lenght. dual with 1.2 and 2.0?

Hello everybody

Can anyone make a measure of the 2.0 nozzle? I can’t find any data of it’s length.

I’m planning on buliding a dual extruder super stable printer with the most stable nozzle I’ve ever used: the budaschnozzle.

I already own a 1.2, and I would buy another one but it has been retired from stock. My only chance is to buy a 2.0.
It is crucial for the ease of assembly that both nozzles are the same length. The source of v1.2 say that the nozzle is 64,4mm long, but the source of the v2.0 doesn’t say anything.

I can’t recreate the nozzle with the sldprt files, can anyone tell how long the v2.0 is?

Thank you all, and good job lulzbot, for the nozzle.


If I only read the specs…

Thank you for your patience

For what it’s worth mine is actually about 63.5mm from the top of the aluminum mount plate to the bottom most tip of the nozzle.

edit: one of the others is about 61.88mm