Looking for a .5 nozzle for the AO-100 Buddasnozzle

After 300lbs of plastic or so, it seems that my AO-100’s nozzle has worn out. I do not see any listed on the Lulzbot site. Does anyone have one I can buy?

I have a used AO-100 buddaschnozzle 1.2, which looks exactly like this one, but with a .50mm nozzle on it: https://www.lulzbot.com/Budaschnozzle-1.2-w-0.35mm-Nozzle that came off of my AO-100. I’ve since replaced it with a buddaschnozzle 2.0 on that machine (which technically might not be an AO-100 anymore, but thats a whole other story)

At any rate, it’s used, it’s dirty, but it still seems to work fine. The threads on those nozzles were notorious for shearing off if you attempt to remove the nozzle, so I’m not going to attemt to remove the nozzle. My advice to you would be to buy a buddaschnozzle 2.0, as they do work better, but if you truly want to stay with the 1.2 style nozzle, I would be willing to sell you the buddaschnozzle I have here.

A new buddaschnozzle 2.0 is around $95. I’d probably want $35 for this 1.2 + whatever shipping would cost out to you.

Having used them both on the same machine, I’d advise to go with the 2.0 instead as it really does help with the flow rate, but as you are looking for one and this is probably the only one left on the planet that might be fore sale at the moment, I figured i’d toss that up here as an option.

Which version are you looking for? I know someone who has a number of old budda 1.1-1.3 versions. And I can see if they have any unused .5MM nozzles.

I looked and found at least one .5 MM nozzle. He also has a n umber of .35 and .25 MM nozzles.

I will have to get a contact e-mail address to have you contact him.

Thanks! PM me the email if you dont mind.

Hi Charles, we have both new nozzles, and complete extruders. I just got them posted, thank you for your interest! http://i-t-w.com/extruders/
You can email via the email address on our contact page, or pm me here.