Budaschnozzle and 1.75 fila

Hey guys… So my Budaschnozzle showed up today… and I need to run 1.75mm filament thru it. In the store there is an optional PTFE tube you can use to make that work (which was out of stock). I have some PTFE tubing that is the right ID for 1.75mm. Do I just take it apart and replace the ptfe that is in there with the stuff I have?
Is there a link somewhere on how to do that?



This picture is useful for understanding the buda:


If you change out the just the PTFE tube, the melting chamber (threaded extension + nozzle) is still going to be a 3mm.

Here is the drawing of the threaded extension:


M10 x 1.5 threads are pretty common, so if you wanted to, you could find yourself that size bolt, cut it to length and drill a 1.75 mm hole through the center of it.

Here are some assembly (and disassembly if read in reverse) instructions:


Just out of curiosity, is there a reason why you would like to run 1.75mm filament instead of 3mm?

Ahh, I thought it was just a ptfe change out to make it switch… I can do the bolt also.

I use 1.75 because I have a makibox which uses it, and a dual head qu-bd at 1.75 ( which this might replace since even after all the mods known to man it still jams) and I have a j-head at 1.75… so everything I have is at 1.75.

What are the benefits of running 3.0?
It wouldnt be hard to run both, but just thought it would be easier to run just 1.75

Because you can use Makerbot brand filament, which comes in a staggering array of colors. At least why I wish I could run 1.75 in my TAZ 3s. We have something like over two dozen different colors of Makerbot filament here in the store, including glow in the dark and flexible.

What other colors do you want? We can get any color.



Having started on a shared MakerBot and Up! printers, my first several spools are all 1.75mm. It would be handy if it were easier to use up those spools. Any new spools I’ve ordered are 3mm, but I see no reason to neglect the 1.75mm spools I already have on hand.

Having to switch filament sizes was one of the things holding me back from moving to a TAZ. Obviously, I eventually moved, but odds are, I’m not the only one frustrated by the lack of readily available 1.75mm filament support.

I’m happy though to see the additional details posted on modifying a printhead to work with 1.75mm filament. Thank you for that.

Older post, but necroing it to just add my interest to being able to run 1.75mm, too. It’s just becoming so much of a standard that I’m starting to feel like the odd man out. I’m just not always going to be buying my filament from lulzbot (that’s the way it is), so it’s not a question about adding a particular color.