Budhashnozzle right size?

Check out the video. Really hard to push through 3.mm filament. Has a .5 tip but this filament feels really tight to go through the white liner tube before it gets to the heater block. I’ll post it to my you tube. Onecarwood.

I’ve found out that it is a 1.75 mm PTFE tube. Problem found now on to next! I’ve found a rebuilt BudhaSchnozzle from IT Works 3d. 50 bucks but it’s worth the try I’m hopeful to get the PTFE tube. It should be here tomorrow! I’ll post about what happens!

Got the nozzle and it looks ok. Thought for 50 bucks they would at least clean it up. Looks like they took it off and mailed it out without any checking to me. I have a 1.75 and 3.00. All good but got to change it out today make sure it works.