Taz6 repair parts print files

I have a broken fan mount on my TAZ6. I found the location of the printable repair parts. However, their catagory confuses me and I’m not sure what to get…
For one under Taz there is 6.0, 6.01, 6.02, and 6.03 how do I know which I need? I looked at my serial number plate and there doesn’t seem to be a version number.

I think almost all Taz 6s are the same, and parts for these can be found in the “Olive” directory. Check the readme file in the directory for details. http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/README.html

Wow that is a wild naming system. So obviously mine is the “Olive” since I don’t think it was any from the first batch. My SN is KT-PR0041NA-15678 not sure how those last numbers fit in? Perhaps my specific machine and the first part is all the model info? I’ll take a look at the directory… Do you mean the one in download.lulzbot.com which looks like this…

The @downloads.lulzbot directory is missing the README file that explains the taz 6 model evolution. That said, I think the 6.0.3 directory contents are largely the same as the Olive directory @devel.lulzbot.com. TBH I don’t know which is considered canonical. I tend to use both interchangeably. The printed production parts files are what you are looking for though.

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Ok, I did find that directory. Kind of surprise at how much information is freely available on the site! You’d figure some of that would be “proprietary information” or something.
Thank you so much for your help!!