Buy 0.5mm Hexagon Nozzle?

I have a TAZ 5 and bought it last year when it came default with the .35mm nozzle end. Can you buy a 0.5mm nozzle end? I only see the whole extruder assembly on sale. Thanks!

Lulzbot doesn’t sell them directly. You can buy a refurbished one from, or a new hexagon or compatable E3DV6 nozzle from any online retailer. Matterhackers has some nice ones there.

Thanks for the quick reply! If I were to purchase an E3Dv6 end would I be able to just screw it on and start using it? Or is there mods needed. I know I will have to change slicer settings. Below is a link to what I am looking at. Thanks.

Assuming your printer is out of warranty you can just pop it in and start using it. You have to adjust the slicer nozzle setting if you go with a different size, and you’ll want to look up the proper installation procedure.

If your printer is still under warranty, apparently unscrewing a nozzle will void your warranty, which I think is less than ideal policy. Its not exactly rocket surgery.

Thanks! We have plenty of new OE 3mm .5 .4 and .35 nozzles as well