Bypass self leveling?

I love that the Mini comes with self leveling built in, its a great feature, in the scheme of a large print this function doesn’t take much time,
But for smaller parts/less precise parts,

Is it possible to skip the self leveling by using the terminal to input the last offsets?

any ideas?


i know we can delete/change the start g code to skip the leveling, but then it prints like 3mm in the air
For reference i’m using cura on a windows machine.

I work on Cura and do not know of a way to accomplish this without extensive modifications to Cura and/or Marlin (the firmware that runs on the printer). It would be really nice to re-use leveling settings occasionally. If any community members have figured out a hack/workaround I’d love to hear it too :slight_smile:

One thing that might help you is printing objects sequentially. In Cura, under Tools, click “One at a time”. There are limitations to how many things can fit on the bed and how tall they can be, but this might help.

is there a list of acceptible g and m code for the lulzbot mini? i know many CNC machines permit the xy plane offsets with some m code, but i dont know what the controller acceptance is.

The Mini (as well as the TAZ) uses Marlin firmware. Any of these commands that are listed as having support in marlin should work: