Camera mount rasp pi

hey there!

Looking for camera mount suggestions for my taz6. been using this one and I loved it until I installed my dual tool head…Now not so much haha. What mounts are you using?

I have this one currently, but I have not tried the dual head with it yet.

Thanks! i’ll give it a try. I like the velcro

Here’s my contribution to this cause.

The mount portion slides onto the aluminum bed. It requires at least one M3 x 5mm screw to secure the pivot in the position you want. I made accommodations for M3 screws and nuts to secure the mount to the aluminum plate… but I found that the mount slides onto the plate and is fairly secure.

You’ll need a longer raspi cam flat cable so it moves freely with the bed. I started using a USB webcam (Logitec C270) to get a longer cable to reach my Pi.

Printer needs to well tuned for the Print-in-Place mount… if you have problems, try reducing the flow rate / multiplier. This should create the clearances between parts to allow the GoPro portion of the mount to rotate.

Lastly, I’m using a multi-section post vs the single post. The articulation from the two sections accommodates the extra space the dual extruder needs.

Hope that helps… lots of choices out on Thingiverse.