Can I buy a RAMBo from another supplier & replace it right? TAZ6

I wanted to know, cuz I think is just a matter for changing it and burn the firmware through Cura LE

Yes, but you’ll want to confirm exactly what parts you need. Later units of the TAZ 6 came with the RAMBo v1.4, which has a different LCD harness. If you buy the v1.4 with the new harness, you’ll be good either way. If you currently have the v1.3L (installed on earlier TAZ 6 units), you could replace it with v1.3L, but I figure you might as well get the latest version anyways.

If you have not already purchased the RAMBO 1.4 Ultimachine makes them and the support is great. If you don’t have a leveling device take the time to put it in while you are disassembled. There are also some parts you might want to print before you replace the 1.3L. You may also want to upgrade the Marlin Firmware from Github. There is actually a 2.0 version out as of January 2020 and the current Lulzbot version is older than I am. (Hint: I remember Churchill) If you have a problem contact Chris Riley “@BrotherChris” and check out his YouTube videos before you replace the card. Check out the board layout at

I am giving you a heads up here. I did it in February last year. Be sure to photo your wiring both to your current RAMBO and the LCD. It’s only a little tricky.

Before Lulzbot was purchased their techs would freak out if I said I was doing something like this and they would refuse to support me. Since they have not returned any of my emails in almost a year I don’t know what they are like at the moment. If you get in trouble Chris is really helpful

Good luck!