RAMBO v1.2d on the TAZ

I was wondering what I would need to do to put a RAMBO v1.2d on the TAZ. Ive noticed that version 1.2d is available for sale:

The one on the TAZ is version 1.1 (and also in the storefront). Would it just be a matter of downloading the TAZ firmware and installing it as I would on a 1.1 board?

You’ll need to reflash the taz with the appropriate firmware for your TAZ version. If you have a TAZ 3 you’ll need to use the TAZ3 firmware, as the power supply is different (24V vs 12V). The TAZ2 firmware differs from the stock TAZ1 firmware, but the TAZ2 firmware can be used on the original TAZ. A guide on installing the firmware can be found here: https://www.lulzbot.com/support/re-flashing-your-3d-printers-firmware.

The wiring should be easy to transfer over, although depending on which TAZ you have you may need to change the electronic case fan wiring connector. There’s not many reasons to upgrade the board currently.

Just out of curiosity, what feature is it you want from the 1.1 to the 1.2? They are very similar boards, it may not be worth buying & doing the upgrade. But if you want to, go for it of course. :slight_smile: