Taz 6 rambo 1.3 for board replacement.

Hey yall I figured out my extruder connection ended up dying on my rambo v1.3l

The problem is lulzbot doesn’t have any in Stock atm, I ordered a board from ultimaker (or whatever the place is that sells them) not realising there’s a difference seems as though the only thing missing is the power connection to the second extruder. Not a problem I don’t use the second extruder and can solder in the pins if I ever need to.

Question is if I flash the rambo v1.3 with the script in the lulzbot board documentation. Everything should run fine shouldn’t it? Or is the rambo 1.3 different in some way I cannot see from the 1.3l that it won’t work correctly.

The board that is installed in the Taz 6 is a RAMBo 1.3L that we source from Ultimachine so there shouldn’t be any differences between the RAMBo 1.3L from them and the RAMBo 1.3L that you would have gotten from us. Could you post some photos of the missing port? Once you flash the firmware for your printer setup onto the RAMBo it should be fully functional, but the fact that there may be a missing connector makes me curious if maybe the board sustained shipping damage so it would probably be safer to post the photos of the new board before flashing it so we can look it over for potential damage.

If you state when you order the board from them(Ultimachine) that it is for a Lulzbot printer I think they will send a board with the connectors loaded you need. It has been a couple years since I ordered one from them though, so they may have changed that.

The connector im talking about is where the two holes in the top left corner of the picture, im attempting to flash the board atm but having trouble finding the “shell script” i think that’s the hex to the boot loader.

I noticed that you said i just had to flash the firmware ended up getting that on the board currently installing the board in the taz 6.

So i have the new board connected and running, heres the perplexing thing… the same exact problem is happening with the new board. when i swap the extruder stepper to the y stepper it works its like the stepper is bad. it must be the power running to the stepper but i don’t have the board schematics to see where the power for that part of the board is actually coming from.

welp found out all this was for nothing, i did not know the extruder had to be up to temp for the stepper motor to function… well i have an extra board now xD

So it wasn’t a total waste and i actually ended up fixing all the extruder issues i had. Before i believed the extruder port on the board was bad i had problems with the stepper not getting enough energy, failure to feed after a few layers, and a clicking sound coming from the stepper. which is why i thought the connection finally broke when the stepper wasn’t functioning.

Bummer that you ended up not totally needing the board but at least it wasn’t a total waste! After a closer inspection of the board on the Ultimachine website it looks like they don’t add that pin out onto the RAMBo, sorry about the confusion on that.

That is correct. UM does not install the pins for the 5V Aux out or the X30 pins in the opposite corner of the board by default. They will send you the Lulzbot version of the board if you let them know that is what you need.

Lulzbot, you should sell the bare Lulzbot config board on your site rather than only selling the kits. The kits cost too much. We don’t need wires and switches. That drives your customers to purchase the board from UM which causes issues for them due to the missing pins.

It looks like it is out of stock currently unfortunately (at least in the USA) but we do sell the RAMBo board without the wiring harnesses and connectors, just as a heads up :slight_smile: Here is a link to it: https://www.lulzbot.com/store/parts/assembled-rambo-v13l-kit-without-wires-and-connectors

Thanks. I didn’t find it in the store previously but, it has been a few months since I looked for it.

I just bought a RAMBo from UM and I am seeing that it’s slightly different than my original lulzbot Taz 6 version. With the new board, power to the hot end shuts off as soon as the part fan kicks on after the first layer. Do you think this is because of the missing pins?

Is the version of the new board the same as the old one? 1.4 or 1.3. The missing 5V and X30 pins shouldn’t cause a problem for you with a single extruder machine. X30 is an always on header that isn’t normally used and the 5V pin feeds the hotend cooling fan for extruder 2.

Do you see any errors displayed on the lcd when the layer fan kicks on? When you say power to the hotend shuts off, do you mean the hotend stops heating?