Can I leave in my unheated Garage?

I do all my work in my garage. My garage is unheated However it is insulated, so it never drops below 38-40 degrees.

Is this OK? Or does the Lulzbot need to be kept in a warmer environment.

I ask this question in two part, one in operation and one in storage. So in other words can it be this cool in storage but I would use a space heater nearby in operation, or neither, etc

Thank you

Storage will be fine. Operation will not work well at all unless you build an enclosure, as the cold temperature will cause layer splitting and lifting and cracking. The macine will still technically operate, but your results will not be good.

What kind of Enclosure? Does the Enclosure need to be heated? is there a picture showing what Layer splitting looks like? i would like to compare to my first print.

A really good example of an enxlosure is the one in this thread:

Basically an enclosure is just a box, prefferably insulated, to keep hot air around your printer. The simplist ones can be made of cardboard boxes. If you build an enclosure, make sure to locate the controller board and the power supply outside it so you don’t melt them. Generally the heat from the printer itself will be sufficient. Some poeple have had varying luck using infrared heater lamps.

Layer splitting looks like the first picture in this thread: