Can I print this?

Hi All,

I’m just waiting for my Mini but in the meantime I’m just creating some objects which I hope to print when I get it. I’ve created this simple cylinder which has 2 holes in the middle with different diameters, would this print ok because I’m wondering how the centre part which is basically suspended in the air print?

You are looking at the object from underneath.

Yes, with support material. Typically for something like that I’d put a 0.5mm thick wall right at the edge of the smaller hole, and maybe another one in the middle. You could also make a fillet or a chamfer there and support most of it, and make a removable 1mm thick wall covering the hole that you would later have to drill out and bridge the entire thing. You could also print it with support, but make it 3-4mm taller and then insert a glued in 3-4mm thick piece for a cleaner surface.

Thanks piercet, I will try those options and give it a go!

Try rotating 90deg. Could get away with no supports since its perfect circles…

It will turn out nicer if you print it upright, which would require supports as piercet explained.

Thanks kcchen, that’s also a good idea as the finish does not have to be perfect anyway.