Where is the stl for this piece?

Got a bit of a crack in the gear head. I wanna print another before it breaks completely. Where can I find spare part files for this?

You probably want extruder_body_3mmhex_v1.0.stl out of here: http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/5.0_0.5noz/production_parts/printed_parts/extruder_body_3mmhex_Mini/

YES! Most excellent, friend.
Thank you so much.

You’re welcome!

You may also want to print an idler arm out, they can be difficult to get off sometimes.

The support under the left side isn’t printing…

The STL for the extruder body actually has supports built in. The side with the bearing opening should be on the bed surface… The built in supports look like concwntric circles and can be difficult to remove.

I imported the STL into SketchUp and removed the supports manually so I could generate in the slicing software tuned to my machine. I can dig up the extruder body sans supports if it’ll help you. But the original from Lulzbot should work.

IIRC, Cura would not recognize and slice those concentric supports for a 0.5 mm nozzle. You might have better luck with Slic3r. It is not as picky about slicing thin walls. I have had the best luck with version 1.2.6. The newer versions through 1.2.9 have a hard coded infill routine that causes thin walls to print waaaaay too thick.