Items not printing well with Mini


First I am going to apologize as I am very new to this and did search the forums, but was hoping someone in the group might be able to give me some decent advise.

So we just bought a Lulzbot Mini and really love it. The only issue I am having is that some of the items I am printing are falling apart.

A good example was a standup version of a wrestler I tried to print:

Where the base and legs went really well, the arms fell apart and had no cohesion. I am using eSUN HIPS and Cura for this. The settings I have been using is the ‘high detail’. I was thinking I just needed to print supports as well, so I tried printing supports on this object: and it just created this massive block that was tied together and not at all the millenium falcon.

So my question is there some best practices around items that can be printed by Cura and the Mini? Or at least items that I should stay away from? Also how does a person know when to use supports and when not?

I am asking bc things I have printed that take up to 10 hours, it is frustrating to have to start over from scratch at hour 8 :slight_smile:

Any advice for a newbie is great appreciated.

I’m a bit of a noob myself. However, what I understand about supports is that you need them for anything with an overhang >45 degrees. So it makes sense that the arms wouldn’t work on that wrestler, there’s nothing holding them up.

I haven’t really done any prints that need support, so I’m not sure exactly how to do it. There is an option in Cura for adding supports, that’s probably a good place to start, but it sounds like you tried that. In theory, the supports should be held on loosely and not too hard to separate, but will require some cleanup work. For automatic supports, it sounds like people have better luck with Simplify 3D. That’s $150 though.

It would help figure out what is wrong if you posted a picture of some of these failed prints. Another faster option would be to contact LulzBot support.
Phone hours and email address are listed in the right side column of this page:

There is an indicator tool that highlights (in red) which sections of a print may need support. You can enable this in Cura by clicking the view type selector icon (in the top right corner) then click “overhang”.

Thanks to both of you. Much appreciated.

I ended up breaking down and purchasing Simplify 3D which really helped me figure out some of the trouble spots (though my first print with it really printed too many supports). I also got a slicing program to break a couple of models apart and print separately without so much height.

I am starting to see just how much you have to plan prints up front and I was probably doing a few too many just on the fly. I have turned on some guidance in Simplify 3D and that seems to help me locate problem spots.