Can I use PLA in the Flexystruder?

Since it’s a bit of a chore to swap out extruders, I’m just wondering if I can run a PLA print using the Flexystruder rather than putting the original extruder back on first.

I’m guessing the answer will be something like “you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it because”… :wink:

Having built a flexystruder for my mini, I’ve had a hands-on opportunity to understand the filament feed path – the answer is that you cannot expect any non-flexible filament to feed through the flexystruder.

The basic issue is that the flexystruder doesn’t have a spring-loaded mechanism to push the filament against the hobbed bolt to feed it; rather the hobbed bolt intrudes on the hole through which the filament feeds where it depends on being able to “squeeze” the filament against the opposing wall of the hole in order to get a “grip” on it to drive it into the hot-end. A non-flexible filament just can’t be “squeezed” enough to fit; it’ll just grind into grunge and clog up the works. Best to not even try…

Thanks very much for the detailed and informative reply. It makes sense, and I won’t try it.