Does Flexystruder work with all filaments?

I’m considering ordering a Flexystruder, but I don’t quite understand… is it only intended for use with flexible materials, or is it able to work with both flexible and normal filament?

I kinda trashed my extruder, and since all the relevant parts are out of stock, and I’m desperate to resume printing, I’m considering shelling out for a Flexystruder. But I need to be able to print with N-Gen. Can I do that with a Flexystruder?


The flexy is designed for flexible filament only. Whats wrong with current extruder? They are easily fixable. Ive repaired a few before.

You can also try itworks3d for used and new extruders, and parts also to repair.

Thanks for pointing me to itworks3d… I would like to order a new extruder tool head (mine got covered with burnt plastic, and now when I try to load filament, I see wisps of smoke, and the plastic doesn’t stick to the bed. To have confidence with my prints going forward, I would like to replace it.

I’m not sure how to tell if I need a V2A, V2B, or V2C connector, though. Could anyone tell me?


As for the old hotend, if you heat it up to extrusion temps the filament will wipe off with a paper towel. What you can’t get off will just carbonize with use. For the most part though, it should be okay to use.

You can print any filament with the flexystruder, but it was designed to print softer filaments. The difference is the lack of idler which applies pressure to the filament so the hobbed bolt can grip it. The flexystruder uses a PTFE tubing to maintain a more constant path from the top of the extruder to the hotend. With harder filaments, the PTFE tubing could wear faster… requiring replacement sooner.