Dual extruder AND flexystruder

I am thinking of embarking on upgrading my taz3 to a dual extruder setup. What I would like to know is if there is a dual extruder design that combines a flexystruder as the second extruder?

Also, I would like to clarify since I couldn’t find a clear answer doing google searches:

Can the flexystruder extrude non-flexable filaments, such as PLA/ABS?

If the answer is yes, having a dual extruder setup with one extruder being a flexystruder seems like that is going to be an amazing combination and take the 3d printer market by storm!

BTW, I started my research here http://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/project/dual_extruder_installation/, which now seems to have broken links to the various “Parts Needed”. Is there a newer resource for instructions on building a dual extruder rig?

Yes, the flexystruder can extrude solid filliament including ABS and PLA. The downside to doing so is that the PET liner of the Flexystruder will wear more over time from friction with solid FIlliaments, more than it would with flexible ones. The liner is like a $0.30 part from Mcmaster carr, and replacing it takes all of 90 seconds on a bad day, but it is the reason not to just use Flexystruder for everything.

The existing Lulzbot flexystruder design will accomodate a flexystruder in place of one of the regular extruders without modification.