Can the Flexystruder(v2) be used for all filament types?


I just got my mini – my 1st 3D printer - amazing amount of fun … I also bought a flexystruder toolhead as well, and was wondering if I need to swap toolheads if I am not going to be printing flexible materials? Or can the flexystruder head be used for multiple kinds of filaments providing I ensure that the nozzle is correctly cleaned…?


I called support a bit ago because I was reading conflicting info on the forums and wanted to be sure before pulling the trigger on the FSv2. Lulzbot said it will print everything the original head will do. They said the main thing you never want to do is use carbon fiber, which is the same as the original head.

I wanted one of the heads to be dedicated to harder materials (ABS, etc) and use the second head for flexible materials. They assured me this is fine. Order placed!