No USB driver please lmk how to thanks

Hi I’m a total rookie Trying to learn the basics
I bought a used Lulzbot Mini With upgraded plate and flex nozzle attachment I didn’t receive the manual or USB thumb drive to get me started.

What driver / software do I need to download to start using this printer?

Any recommendations Or tips on how to proceed are greatly appreciated thank you

I’d start with the quick start guide and the manual which will cover your questions:

All of the software is free and downloadable. After reading the manual, if you get stuck or have questions let us know!

Super great thanks Steve !) Wish me luck

Unless the machine is broken, you probably won’t need much luck :slight_smile: They are really about as plug and play as you can get with printers. Get cura installed, set it up for your printer (choose printer), update firmware, etc., and you’re off to the races.

thanks again Steve. got Cura loaded but i’m not even close to off to the races yet lol
previous owner installed the flexi truder head so this is not just follow the manual for setup i have no idea how to proceed from here
but im assuming that this head wont work with ABS so only flexible materials can be used with this head correct?

The Flexystruder only supports flexible (and semi-flexible) filaments - which are generally very expensive filaments, very slow to print, and challenging for a beginner. So, the question is do you have the original extruder that you can swap in?

Hi thanks for getting back to me
sorry for the delay
the Flexytruder aftermarket head came already installed on the printer when i got it used.
I received a lot of Ninjaflex and ABS with the printer
Yes I have the original head do you recommend changing back to that
for my first print ?
thanks so much for your help!

For each print (including your first), I’d recommend using the appropriate tool head for the filament. The original head should be used for PLA, ABS, PETG, and any other “hard” filament types. The Flexytruder should be used for Ninjaflex and any other flexible filaments.

When you switch tool heads, you will also need to switch the firmware. Before switching, use the LCD panel or CuraLE’s Monitor (with the printer connected) to determine the current E-steps (under Manual control, select Console and enter M503 and look for the M92 line) and the current Z-offset (enter M851). Write these down and keep them with the tool head.

Both tool heads may have a sticker on them (usually on the back) that has the E-steps value for that head. I put a sticker on the front with the E-steps and Z-offset because I always forget to look at the value on the back before I mount the tool head I’m about to use.

You should have two printers defined in CuraLE, When you switch tool heads (printers) in CuraLE, you will have the option to upgrade the firmware.

wow thanks a lot for that
this is so incredibly technical and they call this easy I guess im out of my league

i cant keep up with all of this terminology and accidentally update the printer and didnt record my E and Z offset not sure what to do or what head to start with as my printer has the flexytruder head on it now and im not going to dissasemble this not knowing anything about it , thanks anyways

Switching tool heads is mechanically simple. The printer is designed so they can be swapped quickly and painlessly:

  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. (Optional) place a shop rag or cloth on the bed.
  3. Unplug the wiring harness.
  4. Hold on to the tool head and remove the screw at the top of the tool head (should only be one, 2.5mm hex wrench).
  5. Lift and remove the tool head.
  6. Place the new tool head in the slot at the bottom and install the screw at the top.
  7. Plug in the wiring harness, there should be a triangle sticker on both plugs which should match up.

The next step is to install the firmware appropriate for the tool head you just installed. CuraLE will assist you through this process. Finally, you set the Z-offset and E-steps for this tool head. There are procedures for measuring and adjusting the E-steps. Search this forum for pointers. Z-offset is adjusted last and on the mini, should be a negative number between -1.0 and -1.5. Again, this value has procedures for fine-tuning it.

With a little bit of searching either the Lulzbot website, this forum, or Youtube, I’m sure you can find a video or three that will show you the process.

Roger that. I’ll follow the video on how to change out the head.

Will see how I go with the E Steps much thanks.!

Look on the back of your original tool head and the back of the Flexystruder (after you remove it). I’d be willing to bet the E-Steps are printed on both of them.

Excellent ! Appreciate that detail.