No USB driver please lmk how to thanks

Hi I’m a total rookie Trying to learn the basics
I bought a used Lulzbot Mini With upgraded plate and flex nozzle attachment I didn’t receive the manual or USB thumb drive to get me started.

What driver / software do I need to download to start using this printer?

Any recommendations Or tips on how to proceed are greatly appreciated thank you

I’d start with the quick start guide and the manual which will cover your questions:

All of the software is free and downloadable. After reading the manual, if you get stuck or have questions let us know!

Super great thanks Steve !) Wish me luck

Unless the machine is broken, you probably won’t need much luck :slight_smile: They are really about as plug and play as you can get with printers. Get cura installed, set it up for your printer (choose printer), update firmware, etc., and you’re off to the races.

thanks again Steve. got Cura loaded but i’m not even close to off to the races yet lol
previous owner installed the flexi truder head so this is not just follow the manual for setup i have no idea how to proceed from here
but im assuming that this head wont work with ABS so only flexible materials can be used with this head correct?

The Flexystruder only supports flexible (and semi-flexible) filaments - which are generally very expensive filaments, very slow to print, and challenging for a beginner. So, the question is do you have the original extruder that you can swap in?