Can the stock TAZ 6 print this?

A student got these pieces off of TinkerCAD’s website and asked me to try printing them, but I’m not sure I can pull it off.

I don’t see how I could print one piece inside another without any kind of dissolving material.

The “Spin Hub Socket” off tinkercad.

Mighty Jaiks-Duup.stl (529 KB)

It depends on the material and fill (at least 20-30). I’ve been using eSun PLA+ at 215C with a fan at 80-100 percent. It’s strong and it handles curves and overhangs well and even bridging with very little drooping if any. I looked at a vertical slice of the large two part cylinder and it doesn’t appear that any part of the inner relies on the outer so it should work.

I realized my answer last night may have been confusing. Look at the attached png files. The inner and outer shapes are distinctly separate, and both sit on the printer bed. The only thing they have in common is location relative to each other. The question about printing them depends on if your material is strong enough and will solidify fast enough to prevent sagging.

Yes, but you would need to use support material since the middle section wouldn’t be attached to the bed otherwise and would not print. Aside from that it would print, and in ABS it would probably be strong enough, though I would reinforce the area around the socket personally.

I’m not sure what you mean by middle section not attached to the bed, but both the inner (cylinder) and outer (shell) parts attach to the bed at the bottom. If you flipped the parts upside down then the inner would require support, but printing as shown should work. If you want more strength you can make them solids instead of fills.

You should be able to print… its essentially a print-in-place piece. The printer will lay down layers of both inside and outside object. The object may not move properly if the spacing between the two objects are too tight. Typically you want a .3 to .5mm clearance for pieces to move properly… and at that the pieces may fuse together.