cancel print

hello I read in previous thread about cancelling a print with CURA by;

So the best practice for cancelling a print would be to:
1- hit cancel
2- move the print head and bed to desired location with Cura
3- shut off printer power
4- remove model once cooled down

but I don’t understand how to do no.2 - how do you move print head and bed in CURA??

clearly I am new to this with a brand new mini - problem I had was that second print (after success with octopus) did not stick to bed (ABS) and just made a sliding nest on surface. I pressed cancel and head is still right down on the bed - I’ve turned machine off now

thanks, Stefano

If you’re plugged into your printer you should have a control button next to the load model button.

Go to Machine / control you can move the head and table anywhere you want and set temperatures.

thank you for your help, I’ve got printer working now - just takes some time for me to work out the functions without pictures and arrows!

regards, Stefano