Cancelling Prints

Cancelling an ill print is awkward for me, and I’m most probably doing it wrong?

Since support never responded to my email, I figured this was the next best place to ask.

I cancel a print going bad, I was expecting for the print head to lift and go to it’s starting point, and the bed to move to the rear to cool down, then come forward for me to lift the broken model off…

But instead, it stops in it’s tracks with heaters still running. Even after hitting the home buttons, the heaters remain running.

I cannot find the procedure to “abort” the print, and Google results in it being an issue in Cura.

If this is the case, could I suggest that in LB’s build, that they change the “cancel” button to say “Pause”(as I can see that being useful), and perhaps add an “Abort Print Job” button that runs the sequence after a model is done printing.

Can you send your email address, the subject of the message, and roughly when it was sent, to and I’ll look into it.



Just forwarded the original email…


While I’m here, Can I ask if there is a way to display/preview, roughly what the support material will look like when applied? Before printing?

Thanks again

I don’t see any email from you. Can you double check you sent it? Perhaps here in the forum you can pm me your email address so I can do a search.




Sorry about the delay, we had a couple members of our support team down. We’ve dragged them into the office today and have them propped up for now. We strive for answering all contacts within one business day. Sorry we didn’t get to you.

These kind of 3d printers run soley on the gcode that’s sent to them. The nozzle cleaning portion of the print and the post print cool down routine is all gcode driven- the print’s not technically finished until the bed moves the print forward. When you cancel the print the printer will remain in it’s last state, until you either manually move it around and turn it off or start a new print.

Pronterface(Printrun) supports adding custom gcode buttons, so you can have it do specific things but for now we recommend new Mini users stick with Cura.

No problem… Thanks for all the help and I hope your team gets to feeling better soon. :wink:

Ahhh… that makes sense. The cool down routine is injected into the model at the time of loading. I can for sure see how running that outside of a job could be tricky. I suppose the port would be tied up with the current job as well.

So the best practice for cancelling a print would be to:
1- hit cancel
2- move the print head and bed to desired location with Cura
3- shut off printer power
4- remove model once cooled down

Roger on that one. Especially for me(baby steps) :laughing:
My only prior printing experience is a Zortrax, and their slicer(proprietary),is very elementary. I like the openness of LuLzBot. It let’s me tweak settings, and further understand 3D printing do’s and don’ts. Which will probably help me make better models in the end.

Thanks again for all the help

Sorry again for the delay. I hope we’ve answered your questions. FWIW, I was able to find the emails you sent us in the logs (and orias obviously saw them too).



Yup! The few times I’ve needed to cancel a print I’ve powered it down and disconnected from USB. With no power the printer will stop immediately (rather than waiting for the command buffer to empty) and since the motors are no longer powered you can immediately move the x/y axis away from the print.

Indeed… thanks guys/gals…

Non-pressing… But can I add that to a feature request?
Perhaps like I mentioned about having a “pause” button to stop the code execution in place of the “cancel” button…
since it’s there, leave it, just rename it to “pause”… I understand cutting power to avoid the time to empty a buffer(probably somewhat small for this stuff)?

But to also add a true “cancel” button within Cura(next to the pause button), that not only stops the code execution, but steps out of/refreshes the serial connection(similar to loading a new model) and only runs a cool down sequence?

It’s easy to get propeller headed/nerded up about 3D printing(I, for one, LOVE it)… But to be honest, it’s a hobby of it’s own and requires more time learning than some might want to deal with… especially if there is prototyping involved… In which I think a feature like this would rest easy with such…

Just sticking it out there…