Best Way to Abort a print - Cura20_01

I have a TAZ6 since last September.
I run almost all of my prints on SD Card and slice using CURA 20.01.
From time to time, I select the wrong file or a print fails(usually because of my designs)
From the TAZ6 interface screen;
What is the best way to abort a print?

If I say stop the print, that’s exactly what happens.
The nozzle stays buried in the plastic and it makes the nozzle ikky.
I then use the manual controls to raise the print head and clean up the mess.

In the past I had tried to do filament change in the middle of the print and after changing filament,
upon resuming, all I got was a Day Dreaming message on the display, but no filament would come out.

What would be the most suggested method of stopping a failed print without causing a mess?

Any comments, suggestions or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.