How to stop a 3D Print Safely

Hi, I’ve been wondering, if I want to cancel a print job on my Lulzbot TAZ 2.1 safely, how would I go about doing this?

How fast do you need to stop it? I usually just pause the print in pronterface and then just turn off the heaters if it just isn’t printing well. If I need to stop right away I remove power to the motors so that they stop. The pause button tends to wait for the move buffer to finish, and some movements aren’t incorruptible (homing)

How would I remove the power to the motors? Also, would there be anyway to pause the print from the actual Printer’s interface?

There is a pause and an emergancy stop button in the software. Most LCD kits for the printer controllers have an emergancy stop physical button. You can also yank the power cord out of the wall in an emergancy. You should also be able to install a USB pendant with a larger E-stop button if you like without too much trouble, though I have not tried it yet personally.