Cannot connect via OctoPrint

Hello, I’ve been trying to connect to OctoPrint with my Mini but since updating firmware I cannot. The readout in terminal looks garbled. I however can connect fine via Cura 2.69

Send: N0 M110 N0*125
Recv: �NP|$n\x16H\x15F'JpON6�\x08\x16�H�Z�J�\x18\x0fN\x0c]L4'�\i�Mx8v\x02~q^\x04\x07\x1a~�\x08V�H�8�J3\x03�~�i\x08n\x16�m�7��Z�'j\x08�^�;\x167jO\x1e\x0b�%�\x7fY�A�

Try changing the baud rate to 250000 – the auto-baud setting doesn’t seem to work anymore, so it needs to be hard-coded.