Can't Import 618 Nylon and other new profiles

I have a Lulzbot Taz 6 and have been printing with it for almost a year now. I am working on exploring new filament profiles and want to try 618 nylon. I downloaded the profile from the Lulzbot website, but when I try to import it into CURA, I get an error message saying it can’t find a container to handle the specified file. What am I doing wrong?

Can you post a link to where you found the profiles? 618 was discontinued a little bit ago, and as such we have not developed new profiles for it. With changes to Cura Engine, some older profiles are no longer compatible. We would like to double check these profiles, and get up a notice if required.

If you are looking for a good starting point, the Bridge Nylon profile included in Cura LE should be close. It likely will not be perfect, but starting from a known base is better than nothing. Once you have tweaks and changes you like, select “create profile from existing overrides” in the drop down to save those settings. You will then be able to come back to it whenever you would like.

We hope this helps!

I can’t get the nylon to stick to the bed. I’ve tried modifying the temperature of the bed and/or the nozzle.
I’ve tried speeding up the print and slowing down the print. It’s always the same. It seems to cool too fast and pulls away from the bed.
Any suggestions?

The nylon filament doesn’t even seem to want to adhere to itself during the print. I purchased an e-sun dehydrator as I’m well aware of the problems caused by moisture content in the nylon filament. I have let it cook at 80 C for 10 hours and it prints a nice translucent color and seems to maintain a smooth bead when printing, but it just doesn’t seem to stick together well. Again, it acts like the material is cooling down too fast. I have the cooling turned off. Is there still more that I need to do so it doesn’t cool too fast?

Thanks for the link! The profiles located there are for Cura LE 21.08 and earlier versions, and will not be compatible with Cura LE 2.6 and newer. We will be sure to get that page updated.

As for bed adhesion with nylons, we recommend using a PVA glue stick on the bed to help hold that down. Adding on a brim will help as well if you have a small surface area in contact with the bed.

For the nylon not sticking to itself, you are spot on with moisture contamination being the main cause. With this dried out, you might be printing at a little too low of a temperature on the hot end. Try increasing 5-10 degrees on the extruder to help adhesion.

As we mentioned, 618 was discontinued by the supplier over 2 years ago. The age of this filament could be contributing, but try the increased heat before throwing in the towel.