Problem Loading Filament Profiles in CuraLE 4.13

I’m trying to import filament profiles down loaded from the archives here into the latest CuraLE (4.14.4). Specifically the protopasta HTPLA profile for a Taz5 with a 0.35 nozzle. I sellect Prefferences > Profiles> Import, and it sees the .ini files, but when I click OK i get:

“Failed to import profile from C:/Users/nofal/Desktop/STL Files for Printing/Taz and Material Profiles/protopasta-high-temp-PLA_high-quality_TAZ_single-extruder_0.35noz_cura.ini: Quality type ‘normal’ is not compatible with the current active machine definition 'taz_5_sl”

My Machine is set to Taz5 Single extruder, 0.35mm.

I downloaded a 0.5mm profile and added a machine def with a .05mm nozzle, and got the exact same error.

what might I be doing wrong?

Those profiles are old and incompatible with the new version. But filament profiles are generally pretty basic in Cura. If it’s only one or two, just manually re-create.

Wipe, Probe, 1st layer, normal layer print temps, cooling settings are about all you need to transfer over.

Print profiles are a lot more complex,

I’ve had the same issue with Cura LE over multiple versions. The profiles from Lulzbot are all wiped out as soon as I change the nozzle size or filament size. To overcome this, I’ve been using the Ultimaker standard version of Cura and copying over the start and end G-code for startup, leveling, wiping, etc. Multiple filament profiles are included with the standard version. They also don’t disappear because I’ve customized my machines.

Hoping this can be of some help,