castable printing wax

Anyone try printing with this from machinable wax …I use the wax for jewelry on my cnc mill but was curious says will work with any printer that can print TPU…what are some of the names of the TPU’s in the material dropdown the taz printer supports? thanks


We have done some experimenting with that material, and our largest issues was finding an effective reliable way to keep it adhered to the bed. If you find a way that works, please let us know!

Printing onto a cold bed with a waxed cardboard sheet as a substrate or butcher paper taped down seems to work for me.

I do not believe we tried either of those in the past, thanks for the heads up!

You’re welcome! Printing onto a wax sheet also works if you can find them in the first place. Candle making places sometimes have them. I have an idea for a water cooled Taz bed for larger wax parts but I haven’t had enough of a need to actually build it yet.