Objects wont print in center of platform

Hey all!

I have never been able to get the Taz 4 to center my prints. I’ve tried to change slicer settings, Pronterface settings, RepiterHost settings. No matter what I do it always prints bottom left like its only a 200mm Platform. I also have to change my temperature settings every time I print from My SD card. I feel like these are all Slicer issues but I’m just very confused. Any help? has this happened to you?

I bring all my stl files into Slic3r. I position them anywhere I want them. I use the Lulzbot profiles for the material I print with (ABS is what I use always). All the settings in the profiles seem to be optimized. Very little need to mess with them. I use Slic3r to create the gcode, then use Pronterface for temperature settings. Has been working wonderfully.

The software for Slic3r and Pronterface is free, and you can download them right from the Lulzbot webpage.

That may not directly answer your questions, but if you don’t plan on always printing from an SD card, it may be the best solution.

Slic3r allows for positioning of the prints.
I have not found a way to move things around once I get them into Pronterface.