Taz 6 wiping not centered


I have a Taz 6 but the wiping it does on the felt pad isn’t centered. It ends up wiping along the right edge and hits the plastic.

I tried updating the gcode by making it subtracting 2 more from the X dimensions, so -17 instead of -15 and -19 instead of -17. This made it perfectly centered but then after it was done wiping it messed up the leveling process (so I must have messed up something else with th gcode). Re-loading a profile put it back to what it was doing before.

Is there some way to globally offset things -2 X? Or is there another way I should handle this?

Your frame is probably knocked out of alignment (not square). I had the same issue. Try this:

Cool, thanks, I’ll try that soon and update this thread once I’ve performed it.

Checked out my frame, it was square. No issues there.

I was affected by https://www.lulzbot.com/sites/default/files/TAZ-6_Y-axis_chassis_mount_service_bulletin.pdf and they sent me 4 replacements. Decided to finally install them today. While in the process, I moved the bed over 2mm. That seems to have fixed it.

Glad you got it fixed.

I have an even worse wiping issue. The first time I used the printer (I received it a few days ago) the nozzle wipe worked correctly, but after that it now tries to wipe on the bed rather than the pad and it wipes in the X direction rather than Y (far from the pad, in the back left quadrant of the bed). So, this isn’t simply a problem of the bed being out of position.

And yet, it taps the microswitch in the correct position, and it seems to print okay.

Has anyone else encountered something like this?

[EDIT] Never mind–a factory reset fixed the problem. Tech support speculates that my TAZ 6 may have gotten instructions intended for a MINI, which has its wiping pad at right angles to that of the TAZ. Makes sense to me!

[EDIT 2] NOT fixed! Even after a factory reset, it keeps reverting back to a MINI wipe instead of a TAZ wipe. So, my nozzle is becoming all gunked up and I’m getting probe failures. Not happy… :frowning: