Dual extruder v3.1 taz 6 marlin config

Hi, I was poking around trying to find the marlin configuration files for the dual extruder v3.1 on the TAZ 6, and I couldn’t find them. I found the TAZ 6 files and the dual extruder hex file, but not the specific configuration for the dual extruder on the TAZ 6. I was interested in upgrading my controller board to something 32 bit and with silent stepper drivers (especially the silent drivers).

Here is the tag for the most recent build of dual v3 that we have released Marlin/Conditionals_LulzBot.h · v1.1.9.34 · LulzBot 3D / Marlin · GitLab

Honestly the only thing I would take from there are the tool head specific stuff ( pinouts, pid, etc) and try to migrate that to upstream marlin. I don’t know the status of Lulzbot updating that tool head to 2.x Marlin.

Keep in mind that this tag was forked from Marlin 1.1.9.x then configured to LulzBot standards at the time.

Hope this helps

Thanks! I won’t hold anyone responsible for the consequences.