Changing to a Chimera

Hello all,

I had a friend once. Then he ruined the printhead on my printer by “accidentally” slicing through almost all of the wires on the printhead setup.

Now, I am looking at buying a new toolhead setup and was wanting a bit of input from you guys. I could go ahead and buy a new TAZ v2 printhead, but I am kinda thinking about going through E3D and purchasing a Chimera since it is a good bit cheaper, and would offer me the option for dual extrusion.

What I’m wondering is:

  1. Can I expect the same quality as the Hexagon Hotend?
  2. Can I get the same high temps out of these printheads as I can with the Hexagon Hotend?
  3. What would I have to do to be able to mount, connect, and use the Chimera to the TAZ 5?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Well, a Chimera is a dual head extruder. That means you need to rig your printer for Dual extrusion. that means 2 extruder motors, 2 motor control wires, 2 fans, 2 thermistors, 2 hobbed boltes and extruder transmission gears, etc. The stock wade extruder doesn’t really line up well with that particular extruder model, so you’re going to have to go with a different style of extruder, or a hybrid bowden / stock design.

Quality should be comparable if you engineer it correctly and get it dialed in well. E3D makes good hotends generally
Temperatures should be about the same. It’s basically 2 E3DV6’s sharing a main body.

You would have to do alot of different highly technical printer modifications and designs to fit that to a Taz 5. That would include running additional wires and connectors, changing firmware, engineering a new mount, extruder body and motor layout, and making sure it all works well, is stable, is balanced and is adjustable. then you have to figure out the dual extruder printing offsets, etc.

Its definitly something that could be done. I’ve modified a bunch of crazy things to printers so far, and I would rate that as a very complicated project for what its worth.

Well… that certainly looks like a fun project to do in a couple of years when I have quite a lot more experience, and maybe a cheaper printer to experiment with lol That’s probably what I should do really, is find a cheaper printer and work on experimenting with mods on it to get more familiar with what makes a 3d printer tick in general. Looks like I may just order that v2 end through Lulzbot for now haha Thank you for the information!