Changing tool heads without reflashing?

My username here (mobius1ace5) is the same as it is on reddit, where this thread is cross-posted to /r/3dprinting just as an FYI. I will go into a bit more detail here however because of the specialized nature of this forum.

It has occurred to me that a Taz 6 must be reflashed every time you change between tool heads. I am wondering if anyone has found a way to avoid this, maybe specialized start code? My MOARstruder came DOA (more or less) so I went back to the original toolhead my taz 6 came with but nothing moved correctly, the z probe was in the wrong place, this must mean the flash forces some sort of gcode to start the printer. Does anyone know how to disable this? I am more than comfortable just adjusting the start code in Simplify (or cura…) but the printer is nowhere near a computer in my office and moving it is a bit cumbersome. Looking for a lazy mans solution ha ha! I tried printing a file that was sliced before the flash and it still probed in the wrong area, but lets say I run a file that is sliced for a wanhao i3, it works as the i3 would, not running the modified start code. Really interesting. Not sure if I can find the start code in cura as when I checked for the start code for the MOARstruder it did not show anything for auto leveling or probing.

If anyone has a work around here that would be great but it seems the firmware that you have to flash also overwrites any start code.

After checking the files, it does seem the flash overwrites the main start code, is there a way to flash it normally and just modify my start code? I get I am really just being lazy here, but as a production machine I do expect to change these tool heads often, maybe 10+ times a week based on customer needs. The MOARstruder was intended for a HUGE project, over 45 parts and with the stock tool head almost 70 days. While I have faith in my ability to abuse this machine for that long straight because of mods like heat sinks on the steppers, I simply cannot let it be taken up that long. The MOARstruder was perfect for this and now that I have some time before we can figure out how to proceed for a repair/replace I can look into this code and see what could work here. Anyone attempted this before? Would love assistance!