Changing tool heads & Simplify 3D...


Just wondering what I need to do other than change the esteps on the Tax 6 when using S3d when changing tool heads? Are the Flexystruder V2, Tax 6 Single V2, and MOARStruder the same as far as firmware is concerned? Or do I need to flash the firmware with Cura for every toolhead?



I believe a dual extruder and single extruder toolhead change will require firmware updates… not sure about the MOARstruder, but I wouldn’t think so.

So I had flashed the changes for the Flexystruder using Cura and had been running it fine with S3D - then I went back to the Single V2 (Tax 6) and during the first part of the leveling sequence it crashed the nozzle into the spring loaded stop - I’m guessing the nozzle positions aren’t the same? I wish they would publish a simple list of things you need to change in the firmware for each extruder instead of having to use Cura to update it every time - that way you could just write a macro to change between heads in S3D.



Still trying to figure out when/if it’s necessary to flash new firmware when changing heads - are the different firmware(s) specific to the different heads or are they all the same with just some variable(s) changed?

I have the Taz 6 and the V2 extruder it came with, the Flexystruder V2 and the MOARstruder. I have located the latest files for the Flexy and the Single V2 on the site - cannot find anything realted to the MOARstruder?

Can someone please explain if the whole firmware needs to be flashed for each extruder or if can just modify the latest standard Taz 6 firmware (extruder esteps or other things?) for each extruder?



Lulzbot clearly states that you need to flash the firmware when changing toolheads. It is more than a simple step change as well next time you flash the firmware after changing toolheads watch the TAZ display and you will notice it is different. For example the MOARstruder firmware actually states “MOARstruder” on the POST display.

Thanks - that’s what I figured - trying to grasp the whole Arduino firmware thing and, as an S3D user, trying to get away from Cura entirely…


For those wanted some Simplify 3D parameters, here’s what I’ve worked out for the MOARStruder: