TAZ 6 switching back to original tool head


I’ve been using my new MOAR struder and loving it!


Now I need to print some ABS and I have switched back to the original tool head.

I re-flashed the firmware for the original tool head, is there anything else I need to do? When I switched to the MOAR struder I had to manually change the E-steps, do I need to reverse the process somehow? I do not see a sticker on the back of the original tool head with E-steps like there is on the MOAR Struder.

Thank You


If you did not record the E-steps for the extruder that was on the printer when it was shipped. Then you will need to perform the calibration to find the E-steps setting you have lost.

It is always a good idea to place a sticker on your extruders so you have their E-Steps on each of them.


If you have the original documentation that was shipped with the printer.
E-Steps for the original extruder will be shown there.


If you would like to give your serial number to support@lulzbot.com, we can tell you what your Esteps were that came with the printer.
I hope that may help.

Thank you everyone for the help!

I conducted the extruder calibration and set it accordingly. I also found the documentation that GJG spoke of and it is called the “evaluation and test document” I am now making a binder to get all of my stuff together and I have put a little sticker on my tool head with the E-STEPS on it.

I guess I do not understand how E-STEPS work, before calibration my E-STEPS were 816 and it was over extruding. After calibration the result was 830. I would think that you would reduce the number of E-STEPS for over extrusion. I’m just trying to wrap my head around the concept.

My next project is to make a tool head holder with a label showing the E-STEPS.

Thank You!