Modular Print Bed Issues

I recently purchased the modular print bed as it’s nice to switch to glass for TPU and be able to remove the glass for cleaning. The first of my issues was the bed corners that lulzbot recommends to print for the different thickness of the modular bed, they have too much space to where the glass plate doesn’t get clamped down by the fingers well enough to where there’s a gap. So I edited the freecad file and everything worked out.

My only gripe now is the flexing of the aluminium plate, lulzbot purports that the aluminium heat spreader results in more even heating of the print surface. Well with a 1mm gap in the middle there’s no way that this can be true. I’ve found that in order to get good adhesion with ABS I have to increase the bed temperature by 10 degrees higher than I normally used with the original heated bed (especially while printing in the middle of the bed).

Does anyone have a solution to this? I’m having a bit of buyer’s remorse now with all the work I’ve had to put into making this work, I couldn’t find any reviews before I made the purchase and I’m wishing I would have saved my money for a more worthwhile upgrade.

Regarding the modular bed gap, its been discussed on the forums. I use binder clips to keep the steel plate to the glass. There are other mods. Search “modular bed”.

Thanks, unfortunately due to my enclosure design binder clips will just knock the door open. Read some other related threads and someone mentioned using the Quiver designed bed corners for a taz 6, I’m in the process of adapting them to the taz 5 style bed corners. Going to print and test if they work out I’ll definitely post them up on thingiverse.

if anyone wants to try
ModularBedCornerv1.stl (77.4 KB)

That’s a great idea. Print them out of something that the heated bed won’t soften…

There are additional threaded holes in the aluminum bed. You could potentially use them to support the steel bed… One user in the forum, uses multiple wiper pads to support the bed.

BTW - We’re probably have different ideas of binder clips. The bnider clips people typically use lay flush against the edge of the glass creating no additional clearance necessary. The “wings” either fold flat against the bed or removed completely. The should work with your enclosure.