I tried switching back to black PLA with the exact same settings and it continued to clog.
I went back to silver PLA and tried increasing the extruder temp. I tried 5 degree steps from 184 to 220 and every single time it clogged.
I then replaced the smaller gear (I had some trouble with this in the past).
I tried different tensions on the spring screws holding the filament against the knobbed bolt.
Finally, I completely disassembled the nozzle and cleaned it as well as I could, reassembled, and tried again and it stilled clogged.

This appears to be written like a reply to a post that had the details about the printer being used, etc. If so, it should be moved to that post. If not, then please add some details like what printer, what toolhead, what smaller gear, etc. Also please define what you mean by “clogged”. Pictures might help as well.