Using alternate slicer software to Cura lulzbot edition

Can alternate slicer software be used with the Lulzbot (Taz 6)? For example could Slic3r be used or even standard ulimaker Cura if the start and end codes and other printer settings for the Lulzbot were transferred to the machine settings for these slicers?

Any help is much appreciated.


Yes, both of the slicers you mentioned will work. In my experience they take some tweaking.

Here’s most of the info you will need.

For my TAZ 6, I have CuraLE (of course) and using its settings I have configured Ultimaker Cura, PrusaSlicer (and slic3r), Simplify3D, KISSlicer, IceSL, and others. Settings for a single extruder are very straight forward. Settings for a dual extruder are a little more complicated.

My TAZ 6 is connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 running OctoPrint (using OctoPi as the operating system). I use a couple of slicer specific profiles for dual extrusion (mostly to get the GCode viewer to work correctly).