Collapsing Katana Test Print Issues

I’m trying to print a test file that determines if I can print the larger item.

The author said:
“There is a file named “test print”. If this works, you shouldn’t have a issue. If it fuses together, I would suggest adjusting your cost and wipe settings.”

I am using a Taz6, Inland red PLA.
Default settings for PLA (Verbatim) at 0.25 mm (standard)

It is fusing together around corners and bends. Can you tell me what adjustments I might make to keep that from happening?

Well I have to admit, that sword looks pretty cool! It looks to like you’re over extruding or over heating a little bit. I have a few suggestions. Maybe dial down your first layer height to the same height as the rest of the print. Change the flow rate to 90% because plastic expands, I get better dimensional accuracy with 90% flow rate then I do with 100%. Set your bed heat to 55c. Ensure your Z-offset isn’t set to high(this is more of s bed adhesion problem). Mine is set to -1.52 for PLA & ABS. And finally, you can calibrate your e-steps if using the standard tool head, you might be pushing a little too much filament through the nozzle. He also mentioned the design was for a ,4mm nozzle, though I wouldn’t think nozzle diameter would make a difference especially since you’re using a smaller one.

Good luck! Let us know if it ever turned out, I would like to see it.

I’m assuming you have a .5 nozzle on your TAZ 6. The key statement was that the sword pieces were 2 shells thick with a .4 nozzle. I’m wondering if the model needs to be scaled up so that you get exactly 2 shells with the .5 nozzle.

Yep, it is a 0.5. I tried a different filament (Polymaker) since there is a profile in LE Cura that matches. The Inland I’m guessing at. The change in the PLA did improve things but I think you are right I will need to scale it 1.25 % larger to get the matching shells. Thanks!