bought a Used TAZ6 What to check / Adjust?

I just bought a used TAZ 6 with the single head and a V3 duel head. It is in shipping right now. I have been 3D printing for years but this is my first Lulzbot.

I plan to go through it like I was setting up a new machine but are there particular things I should be checking, adjusting, tightening, ETC.

I saw the note on the thermister and will check that first, the previous owner said he never got the duel head to work right.


The main things you will want to go over will be making sure all your belts are properly tightened, that your frame is square, your axises are all sitting level, that there aren’t any lose bolts, cracked plastic parts, or damaged wiring in case it got beat up in it’s last home. You can find a walkthroughs of how we initially assemble the Taz 6 that should help you in doing this check here:
And if you do find any cracked parts that seem minor enough that you could run a print with them you can find all of your .STL files for our printed parts here:

If he said he has never gotten the v3 dual head to print right he probably ain’t lying! I can say the same thing. I bought my TaZ 6 on last years Black Friday special and also bought the new dual V3 print head. I never could get it to print correctly either. I thought it was the cheaper eSUN PVA filament I bought, even though I bought it from Lulzbot themselves. There were times I thought I seen the temperature fluctuate around on the 2nd extruder but if I wiggled the wires on the connections the temperature monitor readings wouldn’t fluctuate. Then they recently (2/22/18) came out with a service bulletin regarding the V3 dual head and the new Aerostruder tool head. My serial number fell within the affected range, so I sent it back to Lulzbot and they replaced the hot end for quality assurance just to be sure. Just yesterday I made several prints with the dual head using the eSUN PVA material and it worked successfully! So my advice to you is to check the service bulletin and see If the v3 dual head you bought is one of the affected ones.

Before my TAZ6 I owned a mini. Quality was good and was pretty reliable so I decided to go the next level to the TAZ6. Unfortunately at that time Lulzbot also decided to go with an entire new software platform for their free CURA Lulzbot Edition. Riddled with bugs! The old software was much better and more reliable. However, at this point in time it does seem that they have worked a lot of the bugs out and is once again beginning to be much more reliable. The software developers have plenty to keep them busy and are working hard on working out all the bugs. I’ve submitted a few to make the software better for all of us. As of this writing the current recommended version is 2.6.69. That’s been the recommended version for approximately 2 months now and its been pretty solid. I’m expect a major version to come out soon. 3.x.x. I cannot comment on Simplyfy3D software cause I have never used it. $150 for slicer software is just too much for me when the free version seems to be doing everything I need it to do! Good Luck with your new TAZ 6 printer, I think you bought a good 3D FDM printer!