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Hey guys I am a complete beginner to 3D printing and I do not currently own one myself but I have been researching hardcore now for a few weeks. I want a printer that has a fast print speed and is reliable and came across the Taz a few days ago. Would this printer be good for me if say I wanted to print 4 iphone cases a day and a few trinkets? how long would it take for the Taz 3 to print an phone case with decent/good quality? Thanks, I know nothing,
Ben :stuck_out_tongue:

The TAZ can easily do that! Depending on the design, you can print a case like that in around 30-45 minutes. We use the TAZ to make our own printed parts, in addition to the previous model: the AO-101. You can see them in action here:

More information on the TAZ can be found in our brochure:

Read through our developement section in our forums for some interesting modifications and upgrades that are possible: