Consistent Jamming

I’ll start by saying my Mini is stock and I use 1.75 mm filament. I recently printed day and night for a week without the slightest issue. Suddenly it started jamming, usually when infill is started. I tried loading filament, cooling it down a bit, and yanking it out several times with no success. it doesn’t always jam and when it doesn’t it prints perfectly. This happens with ABS and PLA. Temp and speed changes don’t help much either. Anyone have a clue what’s going on here?

EDIT: I think I fixed the issue, and feel kinda dumb. I had the idler cranked about as tight as I could get it. Too tight. The 1.75mm filament was get pushed into the feeder gear too much and the teeth tore it up, structurally compromising it. I loosened it up and retightened it until there was enough pressure to feed it and now it’s going strong about an hour into a 12 hour print. Just putting this here if anyone else has this issue or I forget how to fix it.

Edit 2: While Edit 1 helped a lot, the icing on the cake was to print quite slow (around 30ish mm/s) because the printer just isn’t made to print weakER 1.75mm filament. All is well now.

Tighten the idler.

Does this happen with 3mm filament?

Tightening the idler so far hasn’t seemed to help but only time will tell. I have used 3mm filament on my mini so I have no idea if it’d happen but most likely not.

When you extrude plastic into free air, does the plastic drop straight out of the nozzle or does it curl to one side?

It comes straight out.