Lulzbot Mini failed print


So i had my printer do an 8 hour print with the Bamboo Filament and everything was going fine. I used the mini cura bamboo profile high quality print settings. I then go to bed and wake up during the middle of the night to find that my printer wasn’t pushing out any of the filament and was still spinning around like it was still printing. The print was probably at the 4 or 5 hour mark.

Being upset i quickly canceled the build and pulled the bamboo filament out, i noticed the bamboo filament at the tip was hard instead of melted. I believe the printer wasn’t able to pull anymore filament out because something was wrong with the material.

Being new to 3d printing, any advice on how to prevent this from happening? Is there a way to save my print or do i have to start over? Like does the printer log anything?

So far i’ve had more failed prints than successful ones. :frowning:

Are there are lot of retractions during your print? Sometimes with a lot of retractions, especially if they are close together, the extruders hobbed bolt eats into the filament leaving a chunk missing, and then the extruder can no longer grip it to pull filament in or push it out. How tight is your idler?

I was trying to print this:

Not sure how to answer your other questions. Sorry, still a noob at this.

The idler is the plastic piece on the extruder that has the springs, which you have to release to change filament. It puts tension on the filament pressing it into the hobbed bolt (the bolt with teeth that grips the filament). Different filaments types have different hardnesses to them, and this tension (the 2 bolts connected to the springs) may need to be adjusted so it’s not too tight. Too much pressure and it can eat into it. Not enough and it won’t grip and be able to extrude properly.

A retraction is when it pulls the filament up a little so it doesn’t drip, and then moves the head to a different place, and then the filament is pressed down again to start flowing in the new spot. If you have a lot of them close together, it could strip the filament at the bolt as I mentioned previously. The hobbed bolt is eating into the filament while it’s going up/down up/down/up down which eats into it more.

I’m sorry, I can’t tell any of the above from looking at the model you are printing. I also haven’t used that filament. I hope I explained things a little better. I’m not a pro myself.

You might try using a cheaper/easier filament to work with while working these issues out. Hopefully others can chime in with better advice.

Thank you for explaining those terms. Since my print lasted 4 hours with no print issues can i safely rule out that the idler was screwed in too tight?

Is there a setting in CURA that will tell me how many retractions the print will do? i did notice a black blob of material sitting on my print.

It has LOTS of retractions. Plus Netfabb shows it has errors that can cause printing errors during slicing.